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What are the main reasons that students to stay in the United States was fired?

 In 2014, the number of students in the United States 459800 people;Among them, the young students to become workers, set off a wave of a new round of study abroad.In the wave, the proliferation of expelled student community, has attracted the attention of the society from all walks of life.What are the main reasons that students to stay in the United States was fired?Small make up take you search for the answer.

For this reason, the education research center in the nation's 1657 fired the real situation of Chinese students as the data support, make the 2015 version of the white paper on present situation of Chinese students, and in eastern time on May 26, in the international education workers association in Boston (NAFSA) education exchange world debut exhibition opening day.On the world's largest international education scene, the excellent education workers and authority from around the world communicate with each other, understanding, understand the latest developments in education.

In order to study the problem, the education research center in the nation's 1657 fired the real situation of Chinese students as the data support, make the 2015 version of "the white paper on present situation of Chinese students.As the world's first focus on the data of expelled student group report, the white paper for prone to academic group of international students to do the segmentation problem, analyze the neglected easily in the this group of people, and fire, and statistics from Chinese students in the most expelled from school list, the highest rate of professional and fired in the ivy league college student number, characteristics, etc.Data show that the removed to study abroad in high-risk groups have in common the following aspects: 80.55% of the population due to poor academic performance or academic dishonesty and fired;69.43% to the United States less than two years;More than half (51.28%) of students' GPA lower than 2.0;88.7% of the fired students for 18 to 25 years old;79.04% undergraduate or master's degree in reading;Most students concentrated in California, Pennsylvania, New York - - states such as Ohio, Illinois - Massachusetts.

Ivy girl turns out to be at higher risk?

It is worth noting that the report shows that the removed students group is not limited to students with poor academic performance, except for some low GPA was kicked out of the students, there are many excellent results (GPA ranging from 3.0 to 3.5) was kicked out of the students from the ivy league;Moreover, the group is reading female master's more, the reason of expelled for cheating, false application materials, integrity issues.White paper points out that female students good grades, but easy to overemphasis on grades by studying in school, combined with their own ability problem or cannot adapt to the campus competition environment and choose academic dishonesty, once was the school found severe punishment.

Young students suffering heavy?

White paper for young students made a special analysis on the special report, between the ages of 18-21 has been expelled from school of young students a total of 795, China was the cause of the fire has quite part of wrongdoing and in violation of the law.Young students, because of age small, self-care and self-control ability is poor, cannot adapt to the factors such as education and the differences in living environment, easy to cause many problems.And starting a fight outside the night is little foreign students first came to the United States, not familiar with the school regulations and the humanities knowledge and likely to break the problem.

Research center expert points out, young students is academic setbacks for high-risk groups.After the students get into U.S. schools, formal academic planning and guidance is very important.Is not only the school, including explain the school rules, system, culture, counseling psychology, the study way, the weak division in various fields, such as the need to focus on.Because of the higher education in the United States "wide into severe out," every student needs to adapt the new education pattern and the new culture environment, and great differences between Chinese and western, young students to stay in the United States there are inherent risk, advised to pursue a professional help, based on the effective prevention, avoid the happening of academic setbacks.Hope to white paper survey content can cause more social attention, to prepare to study abroad, students to take courses in the United States, be safe.

Students expelled the us roughly the above reasons, students will study in the United States should take notice, through their own efforts to complete the studies in the United States.

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