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University of Leicester diploma,buy a degree online

Leicester University (University of Leicester), hereinafter referred to as lai, was founded in 1921, is a research oriented University.Genetic science at the university of leicester, biochemistry, space technology, medicine, museum and computer research results is famous in the world, is the world famous for teaching and scientific research center.
University of leicester in 2008 by the British times voted Britain's annual "2008 university", is also the UK since 2007 Britain only seven consecutive years won the business awards by the university.In 2013, Britain's Queen Elizabeth ii awarded The school "MEDALS (The Queen's Anniversary of Queen 's Anniversary Prizes For who and Further Education)".
University of leicester University is internationally recognised 1994 Group (Group) 1994 founding member, the M5 University alliance (Universities M5), Association of mba (AMBA), the European University joint council (the European University Association), the world University Association (the Worldwide Universities Network) and the University of central England league (EMUA) members.
Leicester university is a high quality comprehensive research university with a solid academic strength, scientific research and teaching level among the top of the school.University of leicester in 2013/2014 ranked UK 13th the guardian, The Times university guide UK 14, in 2014/2015 times at a British university ranked 20th in the UK, in 2014/2015, the guardian was British university rankings in the UK 21st, completely in 2015 university guide at a British university ranked 19th in the UK, in The Times higher education world university rankings in 2013/14 list ranks 161th in the world, and 2015 times higher education magazine in the internationalization of the world's one hundred largest university, university of leicester ranked 44th.


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