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The United States to study abroad scholarship application factors have?

The United States is one of the highest quality of education in the world, but it covers the number and scope of the courses is staggering.American education environment and living environment attracts a lot of people come here to study, so some students family environment in general may be relatively high tuition and living costs in the United States to, this time the United States advisers recommend these students to apply for a scholarship, award, all half a prize, and so on.So what are the influence factors of to apply for these scholarships?
Study result
The applicant's academic performance, both in high school and college grades, adopts two forms, one a GPA (GradePointAverage) "average grade point" the other was a "Rank", namely "graduate" place.These two forms is the most schools adopt the standard of the applicant's academic performance, by understanding the previous academic performance and learning places to get to know their academic potential.
Standard test scores
"Standard test" TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, five kinds of TSE.A TOEFL and TSE is language ability test, namely requirements shall be achieved for the American school TOEFL or TSE, the lowest scores, but didn't actually help to apply for a scholarship fund.But GRE, GMAT or LSAT belong to ability test, reflect the level of the ability of learning and thinking of examinee, is affect scholarships funded by standard test
Work experience
Has the work experience of the applicant advantages better than no work experience, according to the major advantages in size.Such as industrial and commercial administration, clinical medicine, legal professional attaches great importance to the applicant's work experience.Some American famous university business school applicants don't even receive no work experience.Asked about the applicant's work experience and technology specialities, generally related to the design, research and teaching experience.
Awards and honors
Honor is evidence of a student outstanding performance, in addition to some reward for the campus, off-campus social honor and association membership and the regular academic awards competition or activities, academic journal papers, the certificate should be sent together with the application materials, the student is welcome by the schools.
Record of formal schooling
Apply for a scholarship to an American university graduate student above level, much easier than to apply for undergraduate scholarship.If the applicant has a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, in China to apply for master's or doctor's degree in the United States, will be a big advantage.American schools adopted many methods to encourage for doctoral degree.There are many schools allow applicants apply directly for the bachelor's degree, PhD, and no longer request must have a master's degree.
Family background
Though this item is not very important to apply for a scholarship fund, but if the applicant was born in a senior intellectual family or a person family, education scientific research should be given, it will benefit the applicant.

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