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The University of Buckingham degree,buy a diploma online

Buckingham university is all England only a non-profit private university of (independent), to the name of the buckingham university college, founded in 1976, in 1980 officially upgraded to university after the queen of England chartered makeup. Incumbent President emeritus of the former British prime minister, Margaret. Baroness thatcher. As the holder of a royal charter, the university has the right to confer degrees, the degree of international recognition, and implementation of the Chinese ministry of education degree mutual recognition.
Buckingham university is located in southeast England buckinghamshire buckingham, contains two campus: Verney park (tended to law, and applied the and computing) and Hunter street & Chandos Road (school of business and the humanities college), here has a beautiful park, the river Ouse) from winding its way through the campus of the university of buckingham.School seat - buckingham is a prosperous town, still retains a lot of historical sites, at the same time also has all kinds of entertainment facilities: swimming pool, recreation center, health club, golf course, equestrian course, cricket and football field, there are a lot of trade market, bars and shops.
Buckingham university offers two years of undergraduate courses for students at the fastest speed the minimum cost to complete their studies at the university of buckingham are different with other British university.It can give students different experiences.And have a reasonable proportion between teachers and students (8), significantly better than the UK average ratio (1:17. 5), can make students and teachers to interact as possible.Schools also have no other English school so much, will be about 8000 people, accounted for about 11% of international students, which makes the students feel the life in a big family, as well as the friendship between the students laid a solid foundation.
In September 2010, "The Sunday Times" released "2011 university guide" statistics, buckingham university graduates employment rate is 95.8%, 4 row of UK.
In 2010, The British "The Guardian" meet a professional rankings, The university of buckingham business as The second, English professional sixth, 24th of law.


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