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Royal Holloway and Bedford New College,UOL.University of a degree from UK.

Royal holloway, university of London is one of the subsidiary multidisciplinary institute, university of London, by Bedford institute was founded in 1849 and was established in 1879 the merger of royal holloway college, and has a long history.School open academic English preparatory, preparatory college, bachelor, master and postgraduate, specific professional include: biological sciences, classical art, computer science and technology, performance art, earth science, economics, European studies, geography, history, health and social care, history, science, business administration, information security math, music, art, physical science, international relations, psychology, biology, chemistry, ecology, classical literature, drama, and media art, English, French, German, Italian, social policy and social science, and so on.In science, literature and the humanities quality education and research is famous in the world.In study appraisal activities organized by the government, 19 of 13 of the college system has made four points, five points or 5 + good grades.In recent university teaching quality evaluation, only 10 universities scores of all four points or more, and the royal holloway university is one of them.And the sciences at the university of all the courses in the assessment of obtain good results of the above 5 points.


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