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UNSW degree,University of New South Wales diploma,buy a diploma from AUS

University of New South Wales (English: The University of New South Wales, indian-born UNSW for short), founded in 1949, is a comprehensive University of science and engineering is given priority to with liberal arts disciplines, 7000 international students have become The most vibrant and multicultural University community.University of new south wales, with its first-rate teaching and research level, Asian weekly rated as the top ten universities in the asia-pacific region.
University of new south wales is a member of the "eight school group" in Australia, and southeast Asia, Europe and North America's most famous member of the "21st century university group, only 3 universities in Australia for the group members.As one of the eight five-star universities of Australia, in new south wales and the university of Sydney, along with science and business, the university's main campus is located in kensington area in Sydney, 38 hectares, it's near from Sydney railway station and airport, the transportation is convenient.Another three campuses, namely, art institute, st. George campus and defense military academy.Both are near Sydney, also before the latter in Canberra.
University of new south wales college of the existing 10, subparagraph 1, 75.Which is funded by the Australian defense, college was established in 1981, the students were cadets at that point, in this study art, science, and engineering.The college, also known as the Australian defense force academy.10 colleges, art college is located in Paddington former city college of art into the university of new south wales.College of life science and institute of science and technology was founded in 1997.The rest of the college are: arts and social sciences, institute of building environment, trade and economic institute, college of engineering, law school, medical school, school of management.
The university of new south wales are very pay attention to education and scientific research of cross-border exchanges and development.At present, the university has from 135 countries are nearly more than 9000 international students.In addition, there are more than 1800 international students in college prep and language learning.University currently has more than 1600 Chinese students, teaching and research of its distribution in different areas, accounts for 4% of the proportion of the total students, 17% of the students.

Professional Settings
Applied science, literature and social science, architecture, flight, biology and behavior science, business and economy, education, engineering, health science, law, library science, management, medicine, ophthalmology, science, and social work.In addition, also has a one-year university for overseas students to attend pre-sessional course and English language centre.


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