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Macquarie University degree,where to buy a degree?

Macquarie University (at Macquarie University), founded in 1964, in "The Father of Australia," said The Lachlan Macquarie was named after The governor.Its high quality teaching and scientific research level by the QS WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS eight 5 star certification of the project, and for the Australian UNIVERSITY academic top 8. Macquarie UNIVERSITY is one of Australia's most rich enterprising spirit of UNIVERSITY, it is famous for its first-class teaching and innovative spirit, as Australia's first UNIVERSITY courses in actuarial science, Macquarie UNIVERSITY not only in finance, actuarial, represented by the accounting business enjoys a high reputation in the WORLD.In the humanities, the in the world's top 31 phonetics, and psychology at 45, also is an expression of its scientific research strength.
Macquarie university's goal is to become a world famous university without borders, attaches great importance to developing the students' ability to adapt in the world, strive to cultivate international talents in the 21st century.Macquarie university in terms of curriculum internationalization recognized by the international organization for economic cooperation and development as the best practitioners.University offers more than 100 travel scholarship, encourage students to participate in overseas partner schools student exchange program.
In addition to the overseas students in school, Macquarie university and in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, around the campus learning college courses to overseas students.Many overseas students also choose as an exchange student at Macquarie university to complete 1 to 2 of the course.Macquarie university in the world has more than 250 partner schools, there are a number of different exchange learning opportunities to choose from.For example, the master of applied finance program is tsinghua university and Macquarie university jointly founded since 2004, the Macquarie university teachers is responsible for the teaching.
University business school, humanities and social sciences, institute of technology, the three departments.Major disciplines have economic and financial, management, education, linguistics and psychology, humanities, law, sociology, culture media, laser research, environmental and life sciences, information and computer science, etc., enjoying high reputation in the world.
Famous courses including business (actuarial science, accounting, finance, international business, marketing, etc.), environmental engineering, translation, linguistics, pedagogy, TRANSLATING/INTERPRETING, TESOL, etc.), the mass media, such as hotel management (next-generation ICMS).The accounting major in Australia first, fame;The MBA program in the asia-pacific ranks 13th (QS rankings in 2013).In addition, Macquarie university actuarial professional listed in the top 15.

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