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Liverpool John Moores University degree online

For centuries, Liverpool has always been one of the UK the important gateway to the world.In the 19th century Liverpool is one of the most developed trade city in the world.Recently to promote the economic development of the city is the tourism industry, service industry and new media industry.The university is located in the downtown area, is an important part of city life.Liverpool are through a lot of capital to reform.Music in the city (the beatles), football (Liverpool and look at team) and its people.The locals also known as the Liverpool people.City is the national center for the performing arts, is also the city people Sir Paul McCartney, established the first school for "star" - Liverpool's home to the school for the performing arts.

The school's history can be traced back to the 1823 Liverpool businessmen and apprentice library.Liverpool in 1970 merged several colleges set up the Liverpool institute of technology.Built in 1992 by the royal institution of chartered Liverpool John moores university.At present the number of students in the school is about 2050 people.

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